Grass Monsters!

The children have all designed and created their own grass monsters. They had some complex designs to begin with and needed to modify some of their monsters to be able to make them effectively. 

On Friday they filled their pots up with compost and sprinkled grass seeds on the top before watering the seeds. Let’s hope the grass grows soon!!!!

Well done year 1 for a great end of term Design & Technology project. You must keep watering your grass monster to make his/her hair grow 😉

Using our sense of taste! 

This week in Science, we have been exploring the Five Senses – sight, taste, touch, smell and hearing. As part of our learning we took part in a taste test to explore how our tongue helps us to taste food and drinks. 

First, we looked at our tongues in a mirror to explore what they look like and to see if we could identify our tastebuds which help us to taste. Next we tasted popcorn, lemon and chocolate buttons and thought about which foods were salty, sweet or sour. We liked most of the foods but some of us did not like the lemon at all! Take a look at our pictures, can you spot which photographs are of us tasting lemon? 


Amazing Alliteration

1BK have really enjoyed learning all about alliteration. They are able to explain that if words have the same starting sounds it is called alliteration. Every opportunity they have to use this skill, they have used to their advantage !😃